Is primary cold agglutinin disease a constant presence in your life?


If you’re ready to learn about a potential new option for your condition, the CAD Studies may be of interest to you.

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Bioverativ is looking for adults ages 18 and older with primary cold agglutinin disease (also known as CAD or CAgD) to take part in a clinical research study – as part of the CAD Studies. If you qualify for the CAD Studies, you may be enrolled into either the Cardinal Study or the Cadenza Study based on your medical history. The purpose of the CAD Studies is to determine the safety and effectiveness of the investigational medication BIVV009 for primary CAgD.

Individuals will be evaluated to determine their eligibility to participate in the CAD Studies. Each patient who qualifies will receive the investigational medication or an inactive substance (placebo) during the first six (6) months of participation. Following that period, all participants will receive the investigational medication for up to 24 months. The study medication, study-related medical exams, and study-related laboratory tests will be provided at no cost. Compensation for travel expenses may also be available. Learn more about the CAD Studies.